YKiosk Software

Lockdown browser & kiosk software to prevent and safeguard
public access Kiosks Computers, Displays and Tablets from undesired searches. Blocks and protects the operating system agains’t manipulations.

  • Protects the operating system
  • Locks keyboard or key combinations
  • Restrict folder or system access
  • Restrict desktop access
  • Block access to physical drivers (disk, thumb drive)
  • Controls printing processes
  • Much more...
YKiosk software - Lockdown browser & kiosk software

Because hardware doesn't
live without Software

Coverage and security for all sectors

YKiosk software - Configuration


YKiosk software - Registration


YKiosk software - Management


YKiosk software - Security


YKiosk software - Maintenance


YKIOSK IT solutions use technology that provides IT administrators with complete solutions, from configuration and deployment to managing, securing and maintaining multimedia kiosks or digital billboards.

system requirements

  • Windows 7
  • .Net Framework 4.0
  • 2GB Memory Ram
  • Disk Capacity of 120GB (recommended)
YKiosk software - system requirements

Available platforms

YKiosk - Software for Kiosks


YKiosk - Available on Desktops


YKiosk - Available on Windows Tablet

Windows Tablet

Components and

Any of these components can be integrated with the YKIOSK software allowing in this way increasing the functionality of a public computer or multimedia kiosks.

  • Kiosks printers
  • Card reader
  • Barcode, dim and document scanners
  • Credit card, coin and bill systems
  • Multitouch Displays
  • Cooling and Heating
  • Much more...
YKiosk software - integrated components and accessories

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