YKiosk can be used in the most derivate devices. In the protection of digital billboards, multimedia kiosks, professional and public acess computers.
Through this software, the device browser will be safe and prevented from improper actions.

Digital billboards

Use the YKiosk software to configure the digital billboard browser in public spaces. Thus, users who interact with the digital billboard, will have restricted access only to websites or pages that the administrator wants.

YKiosk - Digital billboards
YKiosk - Multimedia kiosks

Multimedia kiosks

With YKiosk, you can lock the set of keys that allow users to exit the applications defined for the kiosk. This way, for example, a kiosk whose function is to run a queue management system, will be restricted to only run that software, avoiding the acess to other applications or websites.

Public acess computers

By using YKiosk software on public computers, they are protected against attempts to access unwanted content. This way, the computers in your public space are fully prevented from incidents.

YKiosk - Public acess computers
YKiosk - Private acess

Professional computers

Use the YKiosk software in your company, allowing employees to be disconnected from the system automatically, soon after leaving your workplace. You can also activate a screensaver relative to your entity, passing relevant information.

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