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Lockdown browser & kiosk software to safeguard public access Kiosks, Computers, Displays and Tablets. Protects the browser and operating system against manipulations.

How to use YKiosk solutions in
your industry


The functions that can be performed on a computer and especially in a multimedia kiosk by students, teachers and parents, are already part of the daily life of educational institutions.


Over the years the banking, financial insurance sector has substantially evolved, as well as the form of communication that these institutions have been adopting over time.


The tourism and hospitality sector has high potential to adopt internet access computers, multimedia kiosks, digital billboards and interactive systems.


In the Health and Pharmaceutical sectors, multimedia kiosks are the decisive step to ensure the success and effectiveness of companies, whether public or private.


Multimedia kiosks are an important tool whether for customers, either within their own sports organizations or leisure as important work tools.


More and more companies participate in fairs and events. The maximum of that “it is not enough to exist but must show oneself to the world” taken into account by companies and digital billboards are a preciious help in this regard.


Multimedia kiosks play an increasingly important role in this sector, in the services they provide to customers and within of organizations as technological tools.


Multimedia kiosks have become the perfect ally of the solutions provided by telecommunications and media companies.

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