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Lockdown browser & kiosk software to prevent and safeguard public access Kiosks Computers, Displays and Tablets from undesired searches. Blocks and protects the operating system agains’t manipulations.

Automatic logoff scripts

In certain browsers or applications, that require a user to be logged on, its important that the user gets logged off when the session ends. Therefore, you cna run a automatic logoff script, so that you can be that the previous user was logged of.

YKiosk - Automatic logoff scripts

Remote Management

This option allows you to add the YKiosk terminal to a YKiosk Remote Server account so that you can monitor the terminal and perform certain tasks remotely.

YKiosk software - remote management


YKiosk browsing may be blocked or allowed for certain addresses. In this section you can define which sites will be whitelisted and blacklisted. You can also choose the popup blocker level.

YKiosk software - navigation


Allows you to access basic and advanced application settings, change the YKiosk user password, enable or disable autostart, and enter the YKiosk licence.

YKiosk software - Administration


The screensaver set for YKiosk is set in this option. It is also set whether the taskbar is displayed or hidden and what the settings for power management are.

YKiosk software - Screensaver

Docked browsers

With the docked browser option, you can set up multiple browsers in your kiosk or device. Those browsers can be customizable from size, to allow user interaction or not, or even just display relevant information.


In this section you can set some administrative tasks such as setting a time to restart or shut down the terminal as well as setting whether temporary Internet (cache) files will be deleted when the session is terminated.

YKiosk software - maintenance

Pop-up window control

Prevent window pop-ups from being displayed. With YKiosk you can easily configure your browser to block those unnecessary pop-ups or any type of pop-up you dont want to be displayed.

YKiosk software - Administration


Running scripts or ActiveX controls from the web browser can lead to security issues. In this section you can define which scripts can be run as well as whether or not to install and user ActiveX controls.

YKiosk software - security

Environment Monitoring

Here you can configure environmental sensors such as Watchport (proximity sensors, brightness, humidity, temperature, etc …) and define what actions to take for a given sensor reading (eg: turning off the monitor 10 seconds after the proximity sensor fail to detect anything whithin 2 meters).

YKiosk software - environment monitoring


You can whether or not YKiosk allows downloading files. In this option you can set whether or not YKiosk allows printing to the terminal.

YKiosk software - downloads

Keyboard Lock

There are many keys or key combinations in Windows that give you access to Windows administrative processes that can be used to compromise system security. These keys or combinations can be “caught” and “locked” thus preventing the execution of their administritive function.

YKiosk software - keyboard lock

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