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Frequently Asked Questions

No, after licensing the software it will keep all your settings and adjustments, you can continue to run the software without any restrictions.

We allow the license transfer to a different computer. The license is linked to the hardware of the machine, so new license will be sent to you for free. These changes are controlled to ensure fair use.

Yes. Our customers have the right to a discount when upgrading to a newer version of the Ykiosk software. Changes to a different version (Lite, Pro, Business) will only be charged the difference for the current version.

Our support is available by e-mail, database, phone and chat.

During the execution of Ykiosk, press the shortcut to logout (default: Ctrl + Q), and the windows will display the logout. Just enter the administration password and you have access to all administrative functions, including logs.

If Ykiosk is licensed you can use the first five characters of the license key as management password.

This happens when the user’s password is changed outside the Ykiosk (windows control panel). To fix this simply press the “Ykiosk User Password” in the administration menu, enter new password and the error will not happen again.

To avoid the automatic login you must hold the shift key while Windows is started immediately before the the automatic login screen. This will prevent the automatic login and display the the automatic login window of Windows system.

The limited Ykiosk user dont have administrative permissions and all settings are locked. To change this you will have to run the “Security Service” in the Advanced Configuration and allow access to the control panel (uncheck the “Disable Control Panel”). Press “Apply Settings” and you should have access to the control panel in user limited session.

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